Born just to the east of where the old Roman City walls used to stand (and still do in some places), London has been the backdrop to my education, working and social life. With silk-weaving Huguenot ancestry my heart is in the East End of London which still keeps some of the old character from grand Georgian terraces, Jellied Eels to Street Art grand central!

With my guiding experience, the whole of London is your oyster!  Want to amaze your friends with tales of hidden London, then come with me and explore!

Equally, if you want something a little more cultural, then somewhere like the National Gallery or the British Museum might be more to your liking.  Hear the stories behind the artefacts and artworks and make them come to life!

Like to know a bit more about modern art but afraid to ask?  I’m also a guide at Tate Modern and can lift the veils to reveal this strange new world.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Blue Badge Qualification
I am a fully qualified Blue Badge Tourist Guide. Awarded by the Institute of Tourist Guiding, the Blue Badge is the highest guiding qualification in Britain. The training is detailed and comprehensive, the examinations rigorous and registration an achievement.

The Blue Badge is recognised internationally as the qualification of excellence in site and heritage interpretation, and in communication skills. It is awarded only following extensive training and examination.

Member of the Institute of Tourist Guiding, the Association of Professional Tourist Guides and the British Guild of Tourist Guides.

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